The following is a sample of the feedback we receive after hearing Dr. Shelton’s talk or reading his book.


Dear Dr. Shelton,

I would like to thank you for giving my wife a copy of your book. She bought me a gratitude journal immediately after your talk at the wonderful retreat, and I have been using it daily and will continue to. I devoured your book in a single day. I ended last year frustrated, stressed, overwhelmed, and angry. I cannot begin to tell you how much your book resonated with me, and what a fortunate time it was for it to come to me!

I have implemented some of the principles and have found the whole experience to be completely transformative!  I am so excited to do the daily work necessary to let go of worry, control, and fear, and enhance trust and faith in the Divine’s wisdom.

The very next day after reading your book, I started to use the techniques and was watching the news that night.  The local weather person reported how rainy and windy it was that day. Wait a minute, I thought, no it wasn’t.  Then I remembered going to Fred Meyer that morning, and it was cold, rainy, and very windy.  I had smiled and given thanks for the precipitation that maintains our amazing and wondrous rainforest.  I had completely changed my perspective and therefore my memory of my experience!  OMG, this works!!

I look forward to embracing positivity, and cannot express to you how much gratitude I have for you for sharing your experiences.

I will always consider you a friend and mentor.

With much appreciation and love,


Dr. Shelton may have been my favorite guest lecturer of the entire year. His knowledge of patient care, cultural sensitivity, and understanding was incredible. Thank you Dr. Shelton! I hope you finally agree to take students sometime soon!

Best lecture we have ever had.

This was the second time I had the privilege to hear Dr. Shelton speak and it was a great lecture again! His enthusiasm and zest for being a healer is contagious and I just wish there were more providers out there that shared his attitude. I look forward to learning more on the subtleties of patient treatment and how to take care of ourselves while doing so. It was one of the best lectures we’ve had, hands down.

Great speaker. Loved the talk. I enjoyed how he talked about his burnout and how he reconnected himself and got through it. I loved what he shared. Gotta love his laugh also.

I really enjoy Dr. Shelton’s positive, light-hearted approach to medicine. He’s a dynamic lecturer, and brought up some great points. He’s a dynamic lecturer and brought up some great points… I especially appreciated his discussion of the importance of patient centered medicine, cultural sensitivity, and the role of the spiritual in treatment. Excellent lecturer. Thank you, Dr. Shelton!

Very good information for us to carry with us for the rest of our careers. Thank you for sharing.

I feel more in tune with what I need to do as far as taking care of my patients and myself. Thank you so much.

Dr. Shelton is an amazing speaker – very inspirational! I’m so glad that there is someone who is teaching people about mindfulness in medicine/life. I think that this is the missing piece in care.

Life Beyond Burnout

Life Beyond Burnout